New Years Goal Setting that Actually Works

Happy New Year everyone! Reflecting on the past year of 2017 I realized we covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. A lot more ground than we’ve ever covered before. I attribute that success to effective goal setting. Since I introduced goal-setting into my daily, monthly, and annual routines I have noticed huge improvements in my ability to achieve the goals I set. I want to share some of these tips with you so you too can be successful in achieving your goals.

Dream big, but keep one foot in reality. We must have goals in order to succeed, so it makes good sense to start high in the sky with our vision. I highly recommend vision boarding as a starting place. Eventually though, you want to draw roots to the ground and connect your vision with your reality. In essence, you want to use goal-setting to achieve your dreams. Having objective, smart, clear goals is essential to achieving them. To successfully hit a goal you need to break the larger goal down into sub-goals with clear, defined objectives you track and hit on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Goal-setting is an iterative process. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a dream. The harder you work for something the better you’ll feel when you achieve it. Try making your goals SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely.

For instance: a 2018 health goal might be, “I’m going to gain 30 pounds of muscle and bulk up!” This by itself is too vague and is hard to accomplish. Break the goal into many sub-goals as a part of your goal-setting session. Set a sub-goal that is attainable, measurable, specific, realistic, something actionable for your schedule and timely, such as: gaining 1 pound of muscle per week in the beginning (#newbie gains), and then eventually taper that down to keep realistic. Drill down further – a boss of mine used to always refer to the 5-Whys (Toyota?) to get to the essence of a problem we need to go deep, only there will we find the root. Drill down on that sub-goal, for instance, to gain 1 pound per week you need to work on different specific muscle groups say 4-5x a week. What about diet? What do you need to eat to fuel your body and ensure you hit the target – how many calories? What types of proteins? What other nutrients?  Draw out what each workout looks like. You might start with a pyramid schedule where you incrementally increase reps each and every-time you revisit that workout until you eventually get stronger and add more weight to the routine. I personally love Jim Stoppani’s Yale University Program – 12 Week Shortcut to Size.  A week will go by and you’ll feel great about achieving those sub-goals. It will keep you motivated, honest, and on-track. Remember, goal-setting is an iterative process, it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it type approach!  Day by day. Week by week. Month by Month. You will achieve your goals if you keep them SMART and keep iterating!

My 2017 Year in Review:

I am so very thankful for the support of my friends and family, for if not for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. A few notable mentions of the past years accomplishments:

  • I started the year off on an awesome trip to Orlando, Florida. In fact, I wrote my 2017 goals in the United States!
  • I unlocked financial freedom, independence and early retirement at the age of 24 earlier in 2017.
  • Downsized from our over-sized new-built 4+1 bed, 4 bath house into our cozy 3 bedroom main-floor bungalow unit of our Duplex (with the added bonus of a Tiny House Guest House we Airbnb for additional income). This allowed us to live for free thanks to House Hacking!
  • I was blessed with 4 months as a full-time dad with my amazing daughter (before Momma on Fire joined me in retirement).
  • Reached 15 properties this year at my peak, and then focused on getting down to 9 properties towards the end of 2017. (I plan to get down to 5 properties by January 2018).
  • Laser focused on my goal to create multiple, resilient passive income streams including an ETF portfolio strategy and dividend strategy
  • I finally started this blog!
  • Began writing books to help others get better with their money.
  • Began working with people to offer real-estate and financial coaching – which I do pro-bono (FOR FREE) as my way of giving back.
  • Fortunate enough to take 3 weeks off to travel across every major Canadian city on a roadtrip with a good friend of mine, my wife and daughter that eventually concluded in the Yukon, one hour south of Anchorage Alaska.
  • My Net worth grew by near $600,000 on paper to surpass $1,200,000. Given my previous day-job salary as a Manager in consulting making only $60,000 and my wife’s $37,000 this is pretty great!
  • I was blessed to spend a lot more time with family and friends. Family has become my top priority.
  • Developed, fostered, and grew many new, amazing business and personal relationships.
  • Incorporated journaling, meditation, planning, and goal setting into my morning and evening routines. This has paid off in a huge way! Money is made in the mind!
  • Unlocked the Secret Formula to Wellness, Happiness, and Success.


I’ve set new goals this 2018 year that push the envelope in all aspects of the 8 dimensions of wellness and success: from physical health goals to emotional and spiritual wellness to financial goals. I am not taking my foot off the gas so to say, but, I have realized that family and health are more important than my wealth. Especially now that I have more than I could ever spend at my current lifestyle.

#10yearanniversarywiththewifeythisyear (started “going steady” on my 16th birthday in 2008)


Do you use goal setting to achieve your dreams? What are your goals for 2018? What were your goals you set for 2017?  I’d like to hear about it and I’d like to help you get there!

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    1. No, I count the time we were “going steady” as the start of our relationship. I essentially lived at her house from 16 onwards. I am at 25, I will be 26 this year 3 days before our 10th anniversary. WE started dating on my birthday when I turned 16.

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