A Blog About FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early

Welcome to 25 and Free! This site is a personal finance blog and my outlet to help educate others about personal finance. I want to use this platform to help others build financial knowledge, reach financial independence, manage their money more effectively, and to lead happier, more fulfilled lives. I’ve achieved FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) and I want to help others get there too! This platform was created as a place to tell my story and share my wisdom for the benefit of others.

The origin of the 25 and Free name comes from two places:

1) It is a clever play on the number you need to safely be financially independent for the rest of your life (i.e.: live off your passive investments by withdrawing the interest only and leaving inflation adjustments in the portfolio along with all of the principle – using historical averages). 25 times your annual expenses is freedom. So, reach 25x and you are free! If you spend 25,000 per year to live, you need $625,000 to be financially independent.

2) I retired at the age of 24, but nearly age 25. I believe I am the youngest self-made early retiree in Canada. I want to use this platform to share my story for the benefit of helping and coaching others to Freedom.

Beyond discussing the financial freedom lifestyle (this is really a lifestyle blog), real-estate and anything Money – I’ll be more narrowly focused on giving you the keys to the kingdom – Mastery of the 3 areas or levers to financial freedom:
1) Spend Less – Cut the expenses. It’s not all sacrifice, you can get more for less.
2) Earn More – Pick-up a side hustle and negotiate that promotion you’ve been after.
3) Maximize Returns -Investing for tax efficiency in the right vehicle with the right asset allocations. Eventually you can make your money work harder than you can.

I hope you enjoy the blog content and if at any time you have any questions I promise to respond to each and every request, question, or comment I receive. I am currently financially independent by definition nearly 40x annual expenses and I’m here to help!